Monday, September 24, 2007

UPDATE: What's That Smell? It's Not Garbage!

Three months ago, we posted a story about the smelly dumpsters at our local Dunkin' Donuts, located at Guy R. Brewer and 137th Avenue. We have an update. Today, we received a reply from an anonymous poster who writes, "that dunkin donuts has really improved a lot i don't see anymore garbage pilled up and i eat from there everyday and their food is good. also the employees are very welcoming."
First, whoever you are, thanks so much for posting. It's nice to have a witness in the neighborhood and it's even nicer that you took the time to express their point of view.

We can confirm that Dunkin' Donuts really HAS cleaned up their lot, but we wanted to make sure that it wasn't by chance. We recall a couple of days after we posted the alert, the rear parking lot was cleaned and the bins had lids on them! Was that by chance or is it really the power of the blog? A couple of moments as the weeks passed, where it appeared that garbage was starting to pile up again. But we concur with this anonymous poster. The garbage bins are no longer in an overflow and the awful smell is gone. Good food and welcoming employees is a bonus! I guess for starters, we can do some coffee and a bagel...

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Anonymous said...

Remember that an overflow dumpster is most often caused by neighbors improperly using a business's trash facilities to dispose of their own refuse. Locks don't help--these type of people just leave refuse on the ground by the dumpster. Fortunately, most of these type of people are stupid enough not to know tht trash can be traced back to them.