Sunday, September 16, 2007


For this post, we're traveling over to the farthest south and east area one can travel to in Queens - Rosedale.

The Eastern Queens Alliance will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Idlewild Park Preserve Canoe & Kayak launch at the street end just beyond the Huxley Street and Craft Avenue intersection. This will be the first waterfront access point in Southeast Queens. It is the result of a collaboration between the Eastern Queens Alliance and the NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation. Commissioner Benepe and Queens Commissioner Lewandowski will both be speaking. They've stated that if you have a canoe or kayak (even rowboat), to bring it along. They will kayak and canoe as a group after the ceremony.
For further reading, check out this article released four years ago from Queens Press, which talks about preserving this wetland area.

Idlewild Park Preserve Canoe & Kayak launch
Saturday, September 22, 2007
South of Huxley Street and Craft Avenue intersection
Rosedale, NY

866 372-4255 (RSVP)

The following statement is not meant to exclude any nationality or ethnic group, but BLACK PEOPLE - you have FOUR PARKS featuring fantastic (and in some cases disappearing) wildlife - Baisley Pond Park, Springfield Park, Brookville Park, and Idlewild Park. Others would kill to have such beautiful parks and waterfront property nearby. You're blessed to have them within steps of your front door. We must do our part to help preserve them. We are a people of nature. Or maybe once were. Let's not forget that. The green spaces in our backyards are beautiful, but we're asking you to go a little further out. Endorse the park near you. Be some sort of an advocate.
You don't have the time to get involved? Then simply visit them.

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