Sunday, September 16, 2007

Grown Men & Women on Mopeds: The Pleasure Cruise Ryders

Grown men and women with souped up, tricked out bikes n mopeds. Have you noticed how many adults (women!) are into them? There are black biker communities all over NYC. Are more adults taking interest into this hobby or are they the teens that were riding around 10 or 15 years ago are now adults?! Regardless, they're everywhere and they LOVE their toys and the people who love them.

We go straight into the heart of the Southside to a bikers club called The Pleasure Cruise Ryders. A visit to their website reveals they're a full functioning club, with a new member application and monthly dues. And some serious rules as well. One rule reads, "In the event that we are on a road trip and you feel the need to break formation you will be fined $10.00 for every violation by the Road Captain or the Sergeant at arms." Whatever you do, don't break formation!

The Pleasure Cruise Ryders do a little more than just ride around. They boast of positive accomplishments like food drives, Toys for Tots and raffles.
Next month, the gang turns three. This leads nicely into their 3rd Annual "Black & Gold This Is How We Roll" Trophy Party. Yes, wear black and gold. They'll be giving out trophies for several categories, such as "1st through the door 10 or more" and "furthest distance 5 or more." We wish them a happy anniversary and a great turnout. For more information, contact the president - Alvin BIG WILL Wilson at 917.295.1690.

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