Friday, July 13, 2007

Where the Sidewalk Ends

We were walking around Baisley Pond Park one day and realized that several houses do not have sidewalks. We wondered WHY?

Without the sidewalks, it really feels suburban. Almost like the country. There had to be an explanation. We just so happened ask a woman, who just paved the side portion of her property about a month ago.

She explained that her house consists of two lots. Her house sits on one lot and the corner lot belonged to a person who lived in the south. The corner piece of land just isn't large enough to even build on it. Eventually, they bought the piece land. She uses the land for gardening. She said that a couple of months ago, she received a letter from the Department of Transportation (or from another city/state official) stating that all properties must have a sidewalk. We were wondering if the other homeowners without sidewalks received such a letter. She's the only one that has taken action.

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