Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gimme Shelter!

Here's one of the first new bus shelters planted in South Jamaica. It's apart of Mayor Bloomberg's street furniture initiative, designed by Cemusa. Shockingly, this one is located on the corner of Guy R. Brewer & Foch Blvds. along the Q111/Q113 route - right in the heart of the Baisley Pond housing projects. The city still hasn't learned - glass is such an easy target for vandalism.
It doesn't matter what neighborhood you're in. How many times have you waited at a bus shelter that was littered with broken glass because someone kicked down one of the glass walls? Let's look to Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn as our example. No one would destroy a newly installed Cemusa bus shelter in THAT neighborhood, right? We're going to be optimistic. Man, we're going to try to be optimistic.

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