Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We're Losing Our Capes! Part 2

Here are a couple of more examples of cape conversions. This house, located on 156th Street, just behind August Martin High School...

...used to look like the humble brick cape to its right. The house was abandoned and neglected for awhile for reasons unknown. Rather than restoring it to its original beauty, it was gut renovated and turned into a two-family.

This house is located further south on 156th St. The original cape was sold in August of last year. FOUR MONTHS later, the mini mansion was completed. There was nothing wrong with the original cape home. We recall clearly. Noticed how it stands out among the other capes.

Located right at Baisley Pond's east end (Lake View Lane & 122nd Ave), reconstruction of this home happened FAST. We don't recall seeing this a couple of weeks ago! We're not sure if this house was a cape, but there are three to the left of it.

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