Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Homes Over Yonder & A Small Change To The Local Map

Virtual maps will need a little updating. A tiny new community of new homes now exists just north of the Locust Manor Railroad Station. United Homes erected several two family homes that were built over the past several months. New roads were recently tar paved. 132nd Avenue and 133rd Avenue were extended to meet with Garrett Street, also a street extension. Originally, Garrett Street started south of Railroad Park.

You can see the new homes from a distance on the
LIRR Locust Manor platform.

Looking north standing on Garrett Street cul-de-sac
from Railroad Park.

Looking north on Garrett Street, at the intersection of
132nd Avenue. Notice the newly placed wood guardrails
to the left. Beyond the guardrail is undeveloped land.

Looking east on 132nd Avenue. The foreground displays
the new two family homes. Further down the block are
older tudor-style homes.

Looking east on 133rd Street, south side of the street.
More new homes to the right. More older tudor homes
are down the block.

Standing on Garrett Street, looking south toward the
cul-de-sac and Railroad Park.

Standing near the Railroad Park entrance. The Garrett
Street cul-de-sac in the rear.

Railroad Park, closer to the LIRR platform. Notice the
vegetable patch near the fence to the right. Undeveloped
land in the rear.

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