Friday, August 3, 2007

Carmichael's Diner Update

Last week, The Queens Chronicle reported a small, but important update about Carmichael's Diner. We haven't met anyone who has actually ate there, but the word is that it really was a great soul food joint.


Anonymous said...

Carmichael's was a place with grear soul food, live Jazz on Wednesdays, and a oasis in the middle of Jamaica, Queens where local politicians, promoters, entertainers gathered, ate, and enjoyed the southern hospitality and peach cobbler. King died and the property is presently in probate. Hopefully, as soon as things are settled and only then things will move forward. Gas station across the street was sold and new building now occupies the lot.

Anonymous said...

Jazz in the basement on Wednesday nights. World class musicians playing in Southeast Queens for almost nothing. I still miss it.