Sunday, August 12, 2007

Brick Towers Greet You on 157th St & North Conduit Ave.

Stanchions can add a look of class and prestige to any block. They're common in historic districts. It simply states "affluent" or "private property." Some are well kept. Others are neglected. These two brick columns greet you when you're making a right turn off of the North Conduit onto 157th Street. They stand a little over six feet. Not sure as to when they were built, but they're not historical. Sad to say, it appears they've been neglected as well. Many stanchions have cement flower bowls as a crown or perhaps a cement globe. With these columns, it appears that whatever was at the top was knocked off. A closer look shows that there's a thick cable (or two) that pokes out at the top. Perhaps they were crowned with a large classic globe or a lantern that lit up at night? That would give a warm welcome at night. We also found it interesting that the columns were placed on the property, and not between the sidewalk and the curb. Also, the stanchion on the west side of the street has been fenced in while the stanchion on the east side sits on an open lawn.

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