Sunday, October 21, 2007


Faithful readers, I'm sure you've noticed we haven't posted in a couple of weeks. We hope you've miss us because we've missed you. Busy lives filled with extreme change is the only words we can use to say why we haven't posted. Which leaves us to the worst news of all - we're moving. Moving out from the southside. Moving out of Queens (and back to Brooklyn).

We're behind in reporting the constant changes. Yet, we're aware of them. Are you? The new strip of stores across the street from Carmichael's Diner are getting settled in. 137th Avenue between Rockaway Blvd and Guy R. Brewer Blvd are getting new cemented corner curbs. And we heard of Universoul Circus, The Big Apple Circus, Circus du Soliel, but never of The Firehouse Circus, which opened yesterday at Roy Wilkins Park. There's some sort of art gallery or some equivalent on Guy R. Brewer and Sayres, but we didn't get a chance to investigate it. We would be wrong not to point out the changing leaves around Baisley Pond Park.

We're concerned about this blog's future. We're desperately looking for a person or two who understand the position and the purpose for this blog. That's the hard part. Many eyeballs reading the logs, but we don't know if anyone believes in actually take over. If you live in South Jamaica, Rochdale Village or Springfield Gardens and you can see yourself reporting on the positive and interesting things of this community, please contact us at This is not "our" blog. This is OUR BLOG. Do you know what we mean? We've planted the seed, but you added sun and water to make it grow.

October 31st is our last day. Don't let the tree die.

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Joseph said...

Why are you guys leaving??