Monday, June 11, 2007

Same Trouble on West Outer Drive is Happening Here

You're probably wondering where West Outer Drive is. You're also probably wondering what the trouble is, too. West Outer Drive is a street in Detroit in which several hard working, middle-class Black homeowners are in jeporady of losing their home due to subprime mortgages. Check out this article from The Wall Street Journal:
The article focuses on the 5100 block of West Outer Drive. On this block alone, seven families are struggling to pay their mortgage or risk getting evicted. You'll see pictures of the beautiful Colonial brick homes on the interactive map and you'll read their heartbreaking stories. Some of us can relate. South Jamaica and Southeast Queens is facing the same exact problem. We see new homes built from scratch in just a matter of weeks. We see one family ranch-style or bungalow homes that are turned into "Southeast Queens McMansions."

It's great to see such a great change. We're striving for the American dream to own a home. But at what price?

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